16) Lessons from 1. EPISTLE TO TIMOTHY USA   PDF

- Chapter 1:1-2: Is Jesus person different from God?
 - Chapter 1:3-7: How to deal with other Christians and what to do when solving problems in church?

- Chapter 1:8-11: Is it possible for a Christian to use unlawfully the Word of God?
 - Chapter 1:12-17: How Paul's defence of his apostleship can be helpful for us today?
 - Chapter 1:18-20: What is our charge today?

- Chapter 2:1-8: Why to pray for all men, rulers and people in authority?

- Chapter 2:9-15: What are the true adornments of Christian women?
    Christian women's modesty - verses 9 and 10
    Christian women's submission - verses 11-14
    Christian women's salvation - verse 15

- Chapter 3:1-2: Want to be a bishop?
    The role of a bishop - verse 1
    Qualifications of a bishop - verse 2

- Chapter 3:3-7: Qualifications of a bishop
    Qualifications of a bishop - verses 3-7
    What are the main tasks of a bishop?

- Chapter 3: How many bishops can a local church have?
    Where is the sphere of their work?
    One congregation or more congregations?

- Chapter 3: Who are deacons?

- Chapter 3:8-12: Who can be a deacon in a local church?

- Chapter 3: Comparison of qualifications for bishops and deacons
    Evaluation of qualifications
    What do the deacons do?

- Chapter 3:13-16 Why to strive for work of a deacon?
    How one ought to behave oneself in the house of God?
    What is mystery of godliness?

- Chapter 4:1-3 What is foretold by Holy Spirit about great apostasy?
    The time of great apostasy - verse 1
    The mechanism of apostasy - verse 1
    The agents of apostasy - verse 2
    The prime action of agents of apostasy - verse 3

- Chapter 4:3-11 How to recognize demonic doctrines
    Forbidding to marry - verse 3
    Commanding not to eat meats - verse 3
    Why we can marry and why we can eat meats?
    What is our Christian charge? - from verse 6
    What are the benefits of fulfilling our Christian charge?

- Chapter 4:12-16 How to earn respect from fellow Christians
    Be the example for others - verses 12 -13
    Know the will of God - verse 14
    Meditate upon the will of God and use it for salvation - verses 15 -16

- Chapter 5:1,2, 19-22 Instructions on church discipline
    The power of self-discipline - verses 1,2, 19-22
    Observing God's will without respect of persons - verse 21
    Not participating in other men's sins- verses 22

- Chapter 5:3-18, 23-25 Instructions on church discipline
    Giving special honor - verses 3, 17
    Widows ellegible for special honor - verses 5-10
    Widows not ellegible for special honor - verses 4-8, 11-16
    Elders ellegible for special honor - verses 17-18
    Elders not ellegible for special honor - verses 17, 20
    Limits of self-discipline - verse 23

- Chapter 6:1-8 Instructions on church discipline
    Christian slaves of Christian masters
    Physical slavery transformed by Christianity into family relationship - verses 1-2
    Warning to gain sayers - verses 3-8

- Chapter 6:9-21 Instructions on church discipline
    Warning against desire for earthly riches
    Exhortation and encouragement for Christian life